Who We Are

EduOne is a collection of integrated platforms covering all things student. EduOne itself is a directory, where you can find listed all the niche websites we have on offer. You can see more about these platforms below.

What We Do

“To help young people, in the most practical and scalable sense, to get a better education, and to streamline the modern education ecosystem with the application of technology.”

Why We Do What We Do

When we started with Stoogle.co.za, we were solving a single problem: the poor provision of information and resources to South African youth. Since then, like the tides, things have changed. We noticed more problems – funding, textbooks, course options – and we made things to help fix them. We built islands in some places and gave surfboards in others, all so our youth could handle the tides better. But just like the tides have the moon, our solutions needed their source. They needed a single source and we called it EduOne.

A single website for all things student. A number of online solutions have been built to solve student problems and EduOne acts as the directory to all of these solutions.

Get answers to your questions. Formerly Stoogle.co.za, EduConnect is the information portal for scholars, students, parents and teachers to get clued up about ‘life after school’, funding opportunities, explore the latest career options and everything else you would want to know between your youth and adulthood years.

Find bursaries to fund your studies. Formerly Bursaries.co.za, EduFunding is the solution to bring a comprehensive list of bursaries, loans and funding opportunities for tertiary studies in SA closer to you. Centralising the application process to bursaries, scholarships and student loans, with scope to facilitate crowd-funding bursary schemes, brings funding opportunities closer than ever.

Set up your next steps as health professionals. Formerly Stoogle Comserve.co.za, EduHealth is a free information portal for young health professionals. Find practical information on internship & community service placements, the latest news & industry information, as well as access to health related products and service directories.

Match your interests to courses that specifically suit you. Formerly Stoogle Advisor.co.za, now EduMatch, is the perfect tool for tertiary education seekers. Users input their results and fields of interest, and EduMatch returns the courses and qualifications for which that student is eligible (within the chosen interests). Students are then able to see more information on specific results.


Apply to multiple institutions in one go. EduApply is a product solution to something students have been needing for many years – a single website that allows you to apply to multiple tertiary institutions at once. One form, one fee, one submission.

Facilitating the student living set-up. Go online and choose the items you need to set yourself up for  university accommodation (e.g. bedding & kitchen utensils). For your student meals, the same idea applies – choose your recipes and ingredients online and have them delivered right to your doorstep. EduStore offers these delights and more.

An interactive, online tutoring platform. EduTutors takes the delivery of quality tutoring services online, and into the mobile app space, flaunting an Uber-like functionality, with free quizzes and tutorial videos from our tutor team and teaching professionals.

Buy textbooks the affordable way. Formerly known as Stoogle Books, EduBooks is a 3rd-party matching tool designed to help students find second hand textbooks at their university or college. If students can’t find a specific second hand textbook, EduBooks helps out by getting local retailers involved.

Our Values


 We trust each other to the 9th degree, because without it we’ll be stuck in the past.


We are the lucky few who get to do startups, and we never forget that.


We exist to help people, so we’ll always help without any sense of entitlement.


We work hard, and we’re working for a cause, so we’re committed – weekend or not.

Meet the Team

Founder & CEO

Jason’s passion for education is at the helm of EduOne’s product development. He is an avid entrepreneur and a brainchild determined to bring the best content and products to EduOne’s users. Jason is a strong-willed skipper intent on making EduOne a success.

Jason also once caught a trout with his bare hands.

Ben Rath

Founder & COO

Ben’s determination and proactive energy is at the forefront of EduOne’s advancement. Together with his enthusiasm for entrepreneurship and his right-foot-forward approach, Ben brings a keenness in the expansion of EduOne’s existing operations.

One day, Ben wants a cat named Pixel.

Founder & CTO

Forged in the fires of the University of Cape Town, James has a phenomenal business mind. His aptitude for strategic thinking and his headstrong consistency has kept the wheels spinning since EduOne’s inception.

James’ Facebook password is ‘callmemaybe’.


Kristin has lived across South Africa and Namibia, which kindled her burning desire to travel. Gallivanting around the world has become a glorious habit of hers – just like her daily cappuccino intake (some say it’s the start to addiction). Nonetheless, Kristin is a true enthusiast and aspires to do things out of the comfort zone as often as she can. She loves hearing about people’s life stories – so chat to her!

Back in 2012 Kristin won a prize at the Gauteng Summer Fair for fitting 27 marshmallows in her mouth.

Key Account Manager

Wesley battled it out on streets of Johannesburg for most of his youth life, where he graduated from the University of Witwatersrand with a Bsc (Honors) in Property Finance and Investment. He then tried the corporate route for some time whereby his passionate and entrepreneurial mindset got the better of him.

Wesley aspires to one day be a professional ping-pong player.

Deputy Editor

Robyn loves writing, reading, cooking and has a deep interest in all things psychology related, which leads to her to bravely take on the latest horror/suspense/thriller movies. This usually ends with her regretting the decision to watch them and the occasional sleepless night. She is a major gym addict and spends most of her free time experimenting with baking, much to the dismay of her family’s healthy eating plan.

If you want to get on her good side or score brownie points – get her anything monkey to help satisfy her monkey addiction.

Dylan Wheller

Senior Developer

A self-taught software developer, who fell in love with IT when he deleted his first hard drive at the age of 7. Unfortunately it was his dad’s business computer.

An avid Crossfitter, and lover of all things adventurous, who now wants to revolutionise the Education Industry with EduOne.


Web Developer

Haby-Phaël is a unique French Spanish name and not easy to pronounce. (Try it – I dare you). After trying to develop his own game and dissecting a laptop into pieces, he fell in love with coding as a hopeful Grade 12 student. He travelled a lot after matric and then went on to study. He has a B.TECH in Information Technology, a Postgraduate Diploma in Business Management, and an Adwords Certification. He’s really competitive and never turns down a challenge. Seriously, don’t try to compete with this dude. He wants to develop the next Facebook and Mark Zuckerberg can’t stop him. Never invite this guy over during the week if you’re not a developer. Although, he might reach out to you on a Saturday for go-carting, hiking, ice skating or just to watch the next Avengers.

One thing you need to know about Haby- Phaël is, he once killed a snake when he was 9 years old. 


After graduating from Rhodes University with a B.Sc. in Computer Science, Stuart spent most of the past few years moving from country to country in search of adventure and cheap beer. After having succeeded on both these fronts he stumbled, rather painfully, upon the realisation that the time had come to seek out a career. Although he may be of dubious maturity, he has a passion for problem solving and building apps. Stuart has worked as an English teacher in South Korea and as an IT teacher in South Africa, experiences which have instilled in him an appreciation for education and the learning process.


Dean is a lover of all things geek and the keeper of reptiles. He turns caffeine into code, and is the builder of robots. He has a true passion for coding and a fanatical desire to solve problems no matter the difficulty or challenge.

Considers himself a bit of a Leeroy Jenkins.

Senior Designer

Things I like – sneakers, free/fast wifi, anything from Typo, non-creepy hugs, looking at and creating beautiful things, Robert Downey as Iron Man, potatoes.

Things I do not like – mosquitoes, unsightly facial hair, the cost of mobile data, trucks that overtake other trucks on an uphill. 

Things I am good at – growing a surplus of hair, giving hi-fives, surfing the internet, typing ‘lol’ without actually laughing. 

Even though I hail from the inland wilderness of Pretoria, my Afrikaans is limited to net ‘n paar woorde. 

Tea is life, ice cream is life. Peace

Marketing Co-Ordinator

Dom is a very positive person, who aims to approach every situation with alacrity.  She has a weakness for coffee and movies, and a strong love for all animals – just to put it into perspective, she was the kid who saved ants from the swimming pool.  After studying a BA in Social Dynamics at Stellenbosch University, she attended Red and Yellow where her continued interest for people developed into a passion for marketing. 

Dom dreams of becoming a professional hula-hooper.  


Part-Time Graphic Designer

Ruairi is a graphic designer, born and raised in Namibia, but is making his way down Cape Town walking fast, faces pass and he’s home bound. Formally known as “that guy”. When you want to try something new but you’re too scared so you ask someone else to do it first, he’s “that guy”. He likes to see things for himself so if you tell him how amazing a unicorn looks in a cafe downtown, he’ll go and check it out. He creates infographics and animations but in his free time tends to be quite random as it fuels his creativity. 

Em de Chazel


Emmeline de Chazal is a UCT graduate with a Bachelor of Science honours degree in Finance.  She is a keen writer with an interest in the field of financial journalism.  Em has worked part-time as a financial journalist.  She currently writes, edits and focuses on SEO for EduOne.  Her passion is found in dance and people.  Both of which have influenced her life big time.  In her opinion, time spent travelling, learning new languages and baking up a storm is never wasted.  She also strongly believes that it would be for the greater good if all cockroaches are exiled from planet Earth.


Deep thinker with a passion for tech. Life is far too important to take seriously, so I try to have fun with everything I do, whether it be tedious or enjoyable. I try and make everything deliver a lesson and some type of joy.
All I know is that I know nothing, I’m just a regurgitation of all of the interesting books I read.

Trying to be an adult and failing.

Communications Manager

Refilwe studied Journalism through Rhodes University and went on to collect irreplaceable experiences and life lessons.  Now she’s spreading the EduOne love all over the country. She’s an introvert, with extroverted tendencies, and loves the idea of long drives along deserted roads in the company of friends. On the top of her bucket list is reading 100 books from 100 countries – if you have a book gathering dust, she’ll gladly adopt it from you. She loves Jesus, people, veggies, photography and cheese – exactly in that order. Her greatest joy is found in working with girls and young women. She considers herself an ambassador of truth and reconciliation and believes that one day we’re all going to get along.


Lydia was born and raised in Zim. She ventured to South Africa looking for greener pastures with mixed feelings of  happiness and fear. Within a month she met the EduOne team where she found happiness, learning and gaining confidence. She loves cooking and spending time in the kitchen.

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