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Who is EduOne?

EduOne was founded on the idea that we, the youth, need greater support in our journey towards a chosen career path

We need better resources on tertiary education, more quality advice on career choices, and amplified access to funding opportunities, work opportunities and more. 

We should be able to get this for free.

And it should be online.

EduOne, inside of the next decade, aims to forge an education companionship with the youth, catering to their every need. From the beginnings of the decision making journey in Grade 9 to the pursuit of job opportunities in a career, EduOne’s websites will cover everything. 

This ecosystem of web-based products includes the following:

EduConnect Fundi Logo

Get answers to your questions.

EduFunding Fundi Logo

Find funding opportunities (#moola) to pay for your studies.

Eduhealth Beta Dark Logo

Set up your next steps as health professionals.

EduMatch Beta Dark

Match your interests and subjects to courses that specifically suit you.


A centralised location for the discovery and application to tertiary institutions.


A location-based tutor matching tool for all education levels.


A buyer-seller matching tool for students to share textbooks and study-notes at their institution.


A dedicated student equipment, stationery and merchandise store with specialised student pricing.


An industry-segmented recruitment platform designed to help youth find job opportunities.

It is this ecosystem of individual products that will be consolidated into a single mobile and web application, designed to personalise the educational journey for the user. The EduOne app will be launched in 2020.

Welcome home.

Let’s get educated.

Our Promise

Together with the help of teachers, educators, learners and students, we will continue to come up with innovative solutions to help young people, in the most practical and scalable way possible.

We promise to streamline this education ecosystem with the application of the latest technology and to make sure we help make your experience of growin’ up a happier one.

We believe in the value of learning and are always willing to learn from others in the education space. Talk to us and share your stories. The best way we can learn is by working together, for the better.

The heart behind EduOne is to help individuals get a better education in the most practical way possible.

“We go beyond the call of duty.” 

Our Values

Change starts with you. Because we believe in this mantra, we make sure we stay true to our values at a personal level as well as in the work we do.

When we say we’ve got you, we really do.


We trust each other to the nth degree, because without it we’ll be stuck in the past.


We are the lucky few who get to do startups, and we never forget that.


We exist to help people, so we’ll always help without any sense of entitlement. 


We work hard, and we’re working for a cause, so we’re committed – weekend or not.

Meet the Team

We’re a mixed bunch of techies, designers, marketers and jacks-of-all-trades. But what we all have in common is a passion to get things done and to come up with solutions to get you an education. Ain’t nobody stopping us.

Time to put the names to the faces 🙂