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Our Statistics

School Visits

Our team visited over 600 schools in 2016 for expos, Q&A’s and other events. We hope to visit more than 800 schools in 2017 and hopefully, we’ll be visiting some of them more than once!

Teacher Starter Pack

Our Teacher Starter Pack has been shared with more than 1000 teachers (and counting) as we try our best to assist them in providing reliable and comprehensive information to the South African youth as they make career decisions.

Ask and You Shall Be Answered

Our promise to students and learners is that if you ask, you will be answered. We’ve had some thousands of questions through our Ask offering and we have given every single one our best shot!

Why We Do What We Do

There are all sorts of reasons for us putting together seriously good looking solutions to real-world problems, but we’ve got a few to rattle your brain:

Driven by purpose

It’s simple, we believe in making a meaningful change before making a quick ‘buck’. Our focus is always on what the student needs most and we will stand by that come rain or shine. Our favourite person, Nelson Mandela, once said “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world,” and we hold that very close to our hearts.

Dare to do legendary things

We live in a time of agricultural drones, portable 3D movie theatres and helium balloons that take internet access to places far and wide. Wouldn’t be boring if we got left behind only to watch the Elon Musks and Steve Jobs of the world do crazy things? We’d rather keep up!

For the love of people

We are so lucky to be able to do what we love with people who believe what we believe. Our passion for teamwork and collaboration allows us to leverage off each other’s strengths to pursue milestones in our work and personal lives. It takes a close, family culture to do what we do and keep us moving forward everyday.

Our Products

Access the student market like never before.


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