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A navigation system for the world of learning

Much like the complicated world of finance has financial planning as its navigation tool, the world of learning – just as complicated – should have its own navigation tool… education planning. We help students, parents and teacher access the information, resources and tools necessary to guide them through their education.

A navigation tool for the world of learning


EduConnect is a web-based platform designed for youth. It consists of a content library, an e-learning platform and a number of tools that cater to specific needs in the decision making journey. 

The content library is a collection of useful articles, infographics, tutorials and videos tackling specific topics, such as How to Get a Student Loan or Choosing Grade 9 Subjects. The e-learning platform is a structured online learning environment for youth to learn about soft skills and other post-school topics. The tools include a personalised calendar, APS calculator, CV creator and more.

A couple of our tools

Education Planning

Our interactive, live chat functionality allows us to deliver a personalised and hands-on career guidance experience, at scale. This unique positioning allows us to democratise the career guidance sphere, thereby enabling more young South Africans to make smarter, more informed decisions about their future.


The development of work readiness skills is a key driver of greater youth employability. Through our e-learning platform, EduConnect is able to up-skill learners and students from around the country to ensure that they have the best possible foundation for life after secondary and tertiary education.

APS Calculator

Any learner applying to a University or University of Technology needs to know their Admission Points Score (APS) or Faculty Points Score (FPS). Our eligibility algorithm helps learners to navigate this usually complicated process through matching them to institutions and courses based on their marks and subjects.

CV Generator

High school learners and tertiary education students are not always adequately equipped with the basic skills required to enter into and thrive in the workplace. Our CV creator allows users to generate and personalise their own CV, and helps ready them for that first step into the world of work.

Some content from our library

Career Profiles

South African youth need to be aware of the career opportunities available to them, what these career fields entails, as well as the various paths of study that they can follow in order to get there. Each career profile also connects these various paths of study to relevant high school subjects, as well as institutions where they can study.

Funding Directory

While we believe that all users are on a unique education journey, we also believe that there should be one commonality: equal access. Through opening up funding opportunities to all youth, EduConnect aims to mitigate this inequality. Our funding directory hosts a variety of options for youth to consider when funding their studies.

Institution Listings

In line with our overarching career guidance framework, we believe that each EduConnect user will follow their own unique path to success, career fulfillment and economic upliftment. We have developed an Institutions Directory that reflects South Africa’s multi-faceted tertiary education and training landscape, and helps learners to connect to tertiary study opportunities.

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