Career Indaba 2017 – All Smiles from EduOne

Career Indaba 2017

With 2017 Career Indaba behind us, EduOne reflects back on the opportunity and great experiences it brought about.

The EduOne team attended the 2017 Career Indaba in Sandton City on the 5th and 6th of March. We left Cape Town armed with an abundance of flyers, semi-fake smiles and a “Just Do It” mentality.

An hour into the Indaba and our semi-fake smiles were genuine and happy.

Spintelligent, the organisers of the event, had outdone themselves. Everything was well organised and the event-goers soon filled up the event area. We were confronted with people of every age, race, background and income group – all of them hungry for information about their future.

Workshops for Days

We were quite impressed by the amount of workshops planned and how efficiently they worked out. Ben Rath, one of our founders and COO, gave three workshops about career choices and about EduOne’s products. The opportunity to give the learners and students of South Africa some solid guidance about their education and future’s, was absolutely incredible!

“I was very happy to have a full-house with all three workshops. It benefited EduOne in that 70% of the attendees visited our stand afterwards. I would say that I was enthused by the responses I received during the workshops. Happy to do plenty more next year.”

– Ben Rath

Hello, Fellow Education-ers

Overall we learnt a great deal from the learners, teachers, students and fellow education enthusiasts. We had such great experiences, which inspired creative juices and new content ideas. 

We’re looking forward to getting in contact and building relationships with everyone we met! We hope to see everyone next year and can’t wait to see what this year unfolds.

Looking forward to more events during the course of the year?

Take a look at our awesome Career Indaba experience:

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