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education planning

With Education Planning we provide expert advice on post-school options, unlimited access to our online tools, step-by-step guides and resources. Find out how to book a session below.

What is Education Planning?

Education Planning is a one-on-one service where one of our expert planners sit with individuals to ‘plan’ their post-school educational journey. This means sitting in person and working through the following:

  • post-school study options based on the learner’s results, interests and aptitudes,
  • alternative post-school options, including gap-years, work & travel programs and other options,
  • tertiary funding opportunities in the form of bursaries, scholarships and student loans, and
  • everything else the learner needs to ensure post-school success.

Our planners are not career guidance counsellors and will therefore not do any aptitude tests or recommend any particular path. Instead, our planners will work with the learner to assist them in choosing a path for themselves and then make sure that they have all the relevant documents, aptitudes and other requirements needed to pursue the chosen path. We believe that the individual must decide where their passions and aspirations lie so that we, and their support structures around them, can help them them get there.

What you get 

You get a one-hour session, at home or at our head office in Cape Town, with one of our planners, where they will run through everything the learner needs to know about making these decisions. Prior to the session, the planner will send a set of questions and readings for the learner to complete so that the session can be as productive as possible for both parties. After the session, the planner will send a detailed report of the session with associated resources, application forms and further readings.

To recap, you get:

  • a pre-evaluation of informational requirements,
  • a one-hour session with an expert Education Planner, and
  • a report with resources, application forms and further readings.

Please note: Sessions are held in Cape Town but Skype calls can be arranged.

What it costs

Introductory session: R450 per hour 

All sessions thereafter: R350 per hour

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