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Making funding management easy and effective

The current state of affairs in the world of tertiary funding is unrighteously messy for a 21st century education ecosystem. We’re cleaning up the tertiary funding mess, making bursaries a truly attractive talent-acquisition mechanism or CSI allocation to the private sector, cost effective for institutions and the public sector and making the process seamless for students.

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Mentr is a SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) management system for mentorship programmes. It helps programme managers and organisations to scale and manage their mentorship impact.

Organisations are able to load all their mentees and mentors into a single online ecosystem for oversight and control over the mentoring relationship. It offers a seamless way for mentees and mentors to communicate, organise meetups and review each other’s progress.

Key Features

Custom Reviews

Customised questionnaires are set by the programme manager and allow them to gain a deep understanding of the specific performance of the programme participants. This flexibility enables better reporting for managers on demographics and mentee progress.

Risk Management

The dynamic risk profile algorithm embedded in the reviews allows managers to see a snapshot indication of the progress of the participants. The algorithm flags participants green, orange or red, enabling managers to know immediately when a mentee/mentor is at risk or performing poorly.


In-app chat allows managers and mentors to solicit information and feedback from the relevant mentees quickly and at scale.

Platforms in beta


Students can find and apply to bursaries, scholarships and student loans. Funders can find and recruit applicants, and manage their applications.

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