We’ve identified three key areas that contribute the most to why we do what we do and what makes us so passionate about our work:


We believe that education is the best and most effective way to change the stance of a country’s people. Nelson Mandela once said, “Education is the most powerful weapon, which you can use to change the world.” We hold this close to our hearts and will not rest until we’ve disrupted the status quo in the education landscape.


We live in a time of agricultural drones, portable 3D movie theatres and helium balloons that take internet access to places far and wide. If we can leverage off of the innovations in technology, we can amplify the change agents we emit and use them to create a better standard of living for everyone. We embrace technology for the sake of tomorrow.


We are so lucky to be able to do what we love with people who believe what we believe. Our passion for teamwork and collaboration allows us to leverage off each other’s strengths to pursue milestones in our work and personal lives. It takes a close, family culture to do what we do and keep us moving forward everyday.

skills we’re looking for

We’re looking for people to fill the following roles and join our epic family.

some of the benefits of working at EduOne

As if that vision wasn’t enough!


We understand the need for good coffee. So, if there’s no coffee in the office, check the news, because no one else will have any.


Lunch is forever on the company, but we’re all in charge of the shopping list – so we’re all to blame if we get fat.


Sometimes we work on weekends and sometimes we beach on Mondays – it’s pretty flexible if you ask us.


We’re in the education space and it would be silly if we didn’t take time to educate ourselves – so we like to keep learning.


We’re always attending events, going on trips and getting tasty treats for free – and who doesn’t love free stuff?


Things like putt-putt and table tennis make for fierce, but friendly competition in the office. One rule… loser makes coffee.


These are like group outings, but we go on crazy adventures and come up with new ideas – all in the name of creativity!


Fridays are awesome. We like Fridays. Lots of fun will be had on Fridays. Fridays can stay. Fridays, you can stay.


A message from the founders

This is a blank slate, a bundle of energy, and we need kickass people to do kickass work.

Jason Basel
Jason Basel CEO
This is not a job, this is a mission. And when you apply to work here, you’re asking to be part of it.
Ben Rath
Ben Rath Director of Sales & Marketing
We’re here to make a difference, to equip the world with the tools it needs to evolve.
James Kieser
James Kieser Director of Tech