• About Us

EduOne, previously known as Stoogle, started off as being an information portal for confused learners trying to decide what to do after school. We put together article after article with advice on how to choose Grade 9 subjects, how to apply, an institution directory, and general advice for life after school. The further we delved into the education journey of the typical learner in South Africa, the more we realised that more needs to be done. Here starts the beginnings of EduOne as we know it today. 

Each problem we encountered led to a new online solution to aid in solving this problem. We created a team with a passion for technology and using it as a solution for solving the educational problems we collectively face as a country. Our main aim through it all –  making it easily accessible and free to all of our users. So far we’ve stuck to this promise and we don’t plan on backing out. 

Our platforms aim to tackle different problems: EduConnect provides free information and educational resources to help learners and students make informed decisions, EduFunding is a bursary directory with all of the information needed to apply for the various funding opportunities, EduMatch calculates each individual’s APS for any public tertiary institution in South Africa, EduHealth provides placement information to commserve students, and Mentr makes mentorship easy for organisations and their mentees. 

With a vision of disrupting the education space in South Africa, we’ve taken on the responsibility of informing the youth of their tertiary education options. By making information and resources readily available and easily accessible, we hope to empower and enhance the lives of millions. As Tata Madiba says, education is a powerful weapon, and we plan on fully utilising it. 

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  • Our Values

Make heroes

Each interaction is an opportunity to unleash great potential - make them count.
We’re on a journey to disrupt the education ecosystem in South Africa and it starts by making everyone feel like a champion. We make sure to unleash the greatness of others in everything that we do. Even the slightest interaction with a user, client, colleague or dog is another opportunity to help them pin up their superhero cape.

Lean in

Together we commit to grind with grit.
We are devoted to our team and take the plunge to succeed our goals in everything we do. We thrive in the grind and embrace the five characteristics of grit: courage - not fearing failure, endurance, resilience through optimism, confidence and creativity, excellence, and conscientiousness through dependability.

Be lekker

We’re all human. Be a decent one. Simple.
We work hard, have fun, look after ourselves, look after each other and do what we can to helps others. Why? Cause life’s too short to be anything else.

Go beyond the call of duty

Take ownership, responsibility and initiative.
When we hear the call of duty, we truly hear it for what it is. We take ownership in whatever we do and we work to the best of our abilities with integrity, always remembering our purpose. That’s our call of duty.
  • Timeline

  • Nov '14

    Three founders walk into an exam

    This confirms the hypothesis that they should start a company. A four-year, Bachelor of Business Science hypothesis. Hey, at least they know what "hypothesis" means... So they did. They kicked off a blog about 'life after school' and all the tough decisions you have to make as a naive 18 year-old.
  • Jan '15

    Stoogle.co.za is born

    "Everything you need to know about life after school."
    Boom. There it is! A blog about the ins and outs of making decisions about studies, funding and whether wearing different coloured socks is acceptable on UCT campus (answer: yes. Yes it is).
  • June '15

    Healthstudents.co.za - A light at the end of a tunnel for Health Science students

    So many options, so little information
    All Health Science students face the same problem: choosing a commserve placement with little to no information on the different placements. We made it our mission to find this information.
  • Nov '15

    Fees crisis = bursaries.co.za

    A much needed solution for tertiary education funding
    This started as a centralised location for the discovery and application for tertiary funding opportunities - with a dream of getting more private sector funders involved.
  • Jan '16

    APS Calculations made easy

    Why it's so complicated... We don't know
    But we made it a little easier. Learners simply needed to add in their subjects, marks, interests and where they want to study. Three short seconds later and all calculations are done for them.
  • Jun '16

    Stoogle Rebrands to EduOne

    Cause we don't want to fight with Google
    And it gave us a great opportunity to create a mothership for all of our solution-based education platforms.
  • Nov '16

    EduOne, meet Herb

    Dreams do come true
    Our dream of funding a student through university becomes a reality when Herbert Magaya becomes the first recipient of the EduOne Technology Bursary.
  • Jan '17

    Education Technology Services

    We share our love
    With our knowledge and technological skills, we start a services business dedicated to to building new technologies in the education sector. Alongside Fundi Capital, we start building awesome platforms.
  • Jun '17

    Education Planning meets the WCED

    And the future just keeps getting brighter
    We created blog posts, resources, guides and posters to distribute to Life Orientation teachers to enable them to better advise their high school learners.
  • May '18

    EduConnect Redesign & Mentr Pilot

    Customised resources and mentorship management becomes a thing
    We redesigned our first brainchild, EduConnect, to include a user login to allow our users access to customised information and resources. Our pilot phase of Mentr gets launched.